Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our first good OWIE of the year...

Friday afternoon, we had a little excitement over here.

I told Tim early this spring it was going to be the summer of the broken bone...well, I was wrong. TJ got to be the first of my boys to get stitches.

He was playing in the basement with Rugby and Riley and their friend, B while I made a phone call. The other baby, K, I was babysitting was trying to rest...and none too happy about it, either. (But nothing I had tried before that worked either.) Anyway, R&R and B come running through the living room and TJ comes crying behind them. I look, then look baby is covered in BLOOD. His face and shirt were just loaded. Hang up abruptly on the lady I was talking with (I gotta call her back Monday, I guess) and scoop him up. Riley helped me get clean, wet washcloths so we could clear away the blood and see what the problem was. By now, he quit crying and was asking for a popsicle. So, they all got one...and I got the bleeding to stop.

Called the Ask-A-Nurse line for the hospital and she said Urgent Care was open until 5, or I could bring him to the ER after that...I still had B and K to worry about. THANK GOODNESS we have Tim's brother's Suburban!! I called K's mom and she arranged another sitter for him and we took B home and his dad took my 3 and B while I took TJ to the doctor. THANKS, JAIMIE!!

Get there and they clean him up some more and yes, we are going to get stitches. They had a pre-med student that was there observing, so he stood there and watched. They were SO GOOD about talking to TJ and telling him what they were doing and what was going on and what was happening next. They told him that they were going to put fishing line in his owie to make it better, but first they had to give him medicine so it didn't hurt. He did awesome with the shot! The nurse held his head, I held his arms, but he never fought either one of us. A little tear ran down his cheek, but no screaming or real crying. WHAT A TROOPER!! The doc was amazed and told the med student that he shouldn't expect that from a 3 year old, most of them require being restrained. She said he was "A-Typical" lol...yup, he certainly is!

So, they put in 3 stitches and sent us on our way, but first he had to charm a nurse out of some stickers. Then, mom took him for ice cream...when he was done, he was "helping" by throwing them out of the window before mom could catch him. No more windows wide open, I guess. He's been full of P&V ever since.


  1. so what was the original cause of my poor nephew's head injury?

  2. I was wondering the same thing?

  3. I'm not really sure...I think he fell as he came up the stairs and around the corner and hit his eye on the breakfast bar...just a guess, but there was no blood anywhere but him and his clothes, so I'm assuming that it happened right before I saw him. Don't really know and he's not saying. :)

  4. Joel got a similar cut when he was small. the neighbor boy threw a rock at him and it cut him by the eyebrow and bled like crazy. I had him lay down for a little bit and then he asked if he could go back over there and play again! Good thing most little kids are tough!
    Mom B


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