Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things the babies have taught me...

Just today they taught me............

-Magic Erasers spread washable marker all over the wall rather than taking it off the wall.
-The can work together to have one distract mom while the other makes a mess.
-Ground ginger, cloves and black pepper makes a lovely air freshner.
-A vacuum is the best way to get ginger, cloves and black pepper out of your 1 year olds HAIR.
-There's nothing quite like the feeling of half peeled, hard boiled egg under your toes.

Is it bedtime yet??

**Wednesday night edit: I also learned that if you are having a particularly hard day and your hubby calls and you sound pathetic enough, he'll bring you a BIG BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers to make you feel better. :)

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  1. at least you can make me smile, only because I have had those days too, well, perhaps not to the same extent, but... :)


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