Monday, May 25, 2009


June 1st we are going to have a new realtor. She came up to the house this weekend and took the pictures and we signed our contract to begin later, but she came this weekend so that we can be in the June Homes magazine that goes to 40,000 homes in Dunn County. We haven't been in there the last 6 months it's been on the market, so this will bring some much needed change to the people who are actually seeing the house. The realtor had some really good ideas for simple updates we could make that wouldn't take a ton of money but would make a major impact.

We painted the frames on the front door.

Took down the curtains in the kitchen.

Took down the curtains in the kids bathroom and put up a new shade.

Painted the garage doors. (They were black and white)

Took down the birdhouses over the kitchen/living room doorway.

Got rid of the sofa sleeper, brought up the smaller sofa from downstairs and put a slip cover on it.

So, simple things that really did make a huge difference!

Also, on Saturday we went north of town because someone on Craigslist was giving away Snow on the Mountain. She had a large bed that she wanted gone. Mom took a box of it home with her and we planted a ton of it here. We put it on the west side of the house since I had nothing but weeds there and even the sod that we put down didn't grow. I'm hoping this will take spreads so that will be nice if it grows!!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! We have Rugby's birthday party this afternoon, so hopefully I'll have more pictures later!!

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