Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. I was up til 1 am making curtains for Riley's room. Tim cleaned the garage....really cleaned it....he took out the carpet, took shelving down, rearranged and organized things. We took a pickup load of JUNK to the dump. The garage and the house looked amazing for the open house.

And no one came.

Not a single soul. It was very disappointing. But, my friend Monica was here to help and she'll go home later today, so at least we had a really nice visit. Saturday we went to her hotel and swam in the pool and vegged out for a while, went out for Chinese and just hung around. It was SO NICE!! Yesterday, she and I went to Eau Claire looking for microwavable soy wax for making candles...we did find it and had fun in the process. It's been a really long time since we've been shopping together, especially sans children. Timmy had a fish dinner ready and waiting for us when we returned, also. AWESOME!

I found some great fabric on sale at JoAnn's, so I picked that up and am working on the crayon roll that I owe Aunt Sandy. I should be able to mail that tomorrow or Wednesday. YAY!

I owe you pix....the new mirror in the living room, Riley's curtains, the garage, and the new crayon roll, so watch for them this week!!


  1. I'm sorry about your open house. That's the hardest thing about selling houses all that hard work for either nobody to show up or them just walking in one room saying they don't like it and be gone. Very frustrating!
    Hang in there!

  2. Don't get discouraged, unfortunately the housing market for sellers sucks right now (You know I speak from experience ;) ) It will happen! At the very least- you and Monica had a fun weekend!

  3. What a bummer Jess....but so glad to hear you had a great weekend with Monica! I miss you two so much!!!!
    Hugs~ Kim


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