Thursday, April 16, 2009


Oh my boys are trying to give their poor mama a heart condition and gray hair.

This week, Rugby and Riley have found a new past time....climbing the pine trees in my front yard. Riley (and probably Rugby, though I haven't seen him...) can get to the TIPPY TOP of the tree that they have developed a preference for. THey've set up "traps" in the tree....aka basketballs that fall when the branches are wiggled. Just so you have an idea how high they are....the power lines are level to where the kids climb. They use the Crazy Coupe as a ladder to get into the tree. (Thanks Auntie Jan and Uncle Dave.)

TJ has taken to riding his bike. He has a little bike with training wheels and he takes it all over town! Yesterday we took R&R to school, then walked the track for an hour, then rode to the library, then back home and later back to school to get R&R. (All after I used Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred) TJ doesn't do so well with the listening ears, though....Tuesday he got so far ahead of us that I had to have the neighbor boy catch him because he's also not real good about staying on the side. It's been great practice for him, though so we keep trying and talking to him about staying on the side.

Then! today, TJ was sitting on the potty and TUCKER wanted to we did, but we didn't get anything. I'm thinking that maybe we should try and train him at the same time that we are training JoJo. I don't know if that's gonna work, but if he's interested, I just might try! He's sitting here watching a movie with TJ...Potty with Elmo. Elmo is TJ's favorite thing (next to Lightning McQueen) so I'm using that to my advantage! :)

Here's a mommy update: I've been working out on Monday nights. This last week, our leader called as I was leaving and she forgot about the group. WHOOPS! So, I lead the group. Talk about being out of my comfort zone! It was really good, though. We did a lot and I don't know if it's because we worked harder or that I moved up to the next size weights, but I was SORE on Tuesday! lol! Then Wednesday I started the 30 Day Shred. It's hard, but so far (2 days in) I really like it. Though I think I'm gonna get sick of her telling me that you can't "phone in" the workout. She's rather fond of jumping jacks...which is soooo fun for a top heavy gal like me. (catch the sarcasm there?!) I really need to find a good bra for working out, but don't want to pay $50 or more for the ones I've seen.

OK, so that's part of what's going on. I'll try and do a post with pictures soon!


  1. Where do you get all that energy? Not from your mom that's for sure....your boys keep you hopping.... and smiling :>)

  2. LOL...Kelsey and now Colin LOVE to climb the trees in the backyard...funny thing...they started off using their little coupe as a ladder to get into it too!

  3. If you find a good workout bra, let me know.


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