Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paint Samples...

Here are some paint samples I picked up and was thinking of using for the kitchen, on my monitor they aren't too far off from what the actual samples are, but the peppermint tea is a bit more green than what it's showing.....thoughts?

Sorry, Daddy, no barn red! :)

EDIT: Ok, I've got the samples and I'm looking at the screen and they are quite off. Ugh, I hate that they didn't scan well. So, back to the idea board...thoughts on paint for my kitchen??


  1. I'm not sure any of those colors would go with the greenish-toned coutertops? Is there a selection of cool greens or beiges? Maybe even a grey-toned color that might go with the flooring?

    I'll help paint!


  2. Now that I'm looking at them, they didn't scan very well. The colors are quite off from the actual sample. Ugh, I hate that!


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