Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's Go Fishing!

When we moved to this house almost 3 years ago, each of the boys got to pick a theme for their new room. Rugby chose space, Riley chose fishing. Now, 3 years later and seemingly a million room switches later (Rugby has slept in each of the 3 other bedrooms this house has, Riley's slept in two, Tucker's been in two and TJ's been in all four) The theme of those two rooms has stayed the same, though it hasn't always been the kid who chose the theme sleeping in that room. Anyway, Rugby is now in the fishing room. Aside from the movie room, this room is my favorite. The colors on the wall are great (River Reed and Marzipan from ColorPlace at Walmart) and with the big marlin on the wall it's pretty cool.

In October, we sold a bedroom set that was left in the house. We intended to sell just the dresser and chest of drawers, but the lady saw the bed that matched and wanted to keep the set together, so we sold the bed with it. Since then, Rugby's mattress has been sitting on the floor. we haven't had company coming so I wasn't too worried about it, but we'd wake in the morning to find Rugby off the bed, on the floor between the bed and the wall and all over the place. He didn't seem to mind, but it bugged me. So this weekend, Tom (Tim's twin) and his girlfriend were going to visit and I figured it was high time to get a frame for that bed. I posted on Freecycle that I was looking for one and I GOT ONE!! See, lovely, right?! lol!

I hated it! But, it's metal and free and in good condition so I knew I could alter it's appearance. And alter I did!!! I was in Walmart a little later that day and looked through the clearance paints and didn't see anything I liked, so I looked through the spray paints. They had some that were nice, but I wasn't paying $6 a can for it. I finally found a Caramel Latte color from Krylon at $3.25 a can. SCORE! Two cans later here's the bed:

Now I need to get/make new bedding for him and his room will be perfect! I love it!! And I can't wait to see his reaction after school today!!


  1. Isn't spray paint the best? We took a metal dresser home from my mom and dad's to use for Valerie's dresser/changing table. Ethan spray painted it white and it works (and looks) great!

  2. AMAZING work Jess! That's awesome!
    Hugs~ Kim


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