Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuck's tubes

Yesterday, Tucker had his ear tubes put in. We got there at 9 and were leaving at 11:45, so it went well and QUICK! TJ and I hung out in the day surgery waiting room while they did it. They had Nickelodeon on the TV so TJ was super happy. He watched Backyardigans (I LOVE THAT SHOW!!), then Dora came on. He was sitting in the middle of the room on a chair (all the other chair are on the outside of the room and he turns around, VERY excitedly and says, "MOM! BABY FOOD!"

I don't know why. I don't know where it came from, but the kid calls Dora "baby food" ALL. THE. TIME. Anytime anything to do with Dora and it's "baby food". Always. It is kinda funny.

The show was only on 2 minutes when another little girl (about 3 or early 4) came into the waiting room. She curled up on the floor near but not next to him. She had some crackers. Next thing, he's sitting on the floor near her....then, he buddies up next to her and tries to take her crackers. She was having NONE of that! She gave him a dirty look before I was able to pull him back and offer him his own crackers (that were in the diaper bag and he didn't want earlier...). It wasn't long and they let me have Tucker back and we were on our way.

Tuck was wobbly, but running and having fun when we got home. Fell asleep in my arms a little while later, but didn't sleep long. He wasn't fussy, but you could tell he wasn't himself. I made sure to keep him dosed up on the Tylenol. Then, it was bedtime....he went to sleep like a trooper. But about 11:30 was up and screaming. I should have given him more tylenol then, but Mommy brain doesn't function properly when woken from a sound slumber, so he tossed and turned and hit me in the head with his head and tried to fall out of bed ALL NIGHT LONG. About 3:30 or 4 he finally fell asleep really well....and then at 4:30 Tim turned the lights on and it was all over for him. He was up. Tim kept him til he had to leave at 5:30. I got up and gave him tylenol and he fell asleep in my arms around 6:00 and slept until 9am. YAY!

He seems to be doing much better now. He's down for a nap again (went down at 10). I hope this means that we are going to be on a "normal" schedule for today. We'll see.


  1. So glad to hear everything went well! Hope you are back to a normal schedule soon too! :)
    Hugs~ Kim

  2. Backyardigans is my FAVORITE!!!
    Hope you get a good night's sleep soon.
    Kris P.


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