Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If only I'd....

Have you ever had the thought, "My kids would think I'm an awesome mom if only I'd.....(fill in the blank)?"

...make them cookies
...play ANOTHER round of CandyLand
...stay up late watching a movie together
...paint together
...make/buy them a new toy

Why is it that we feel the need to establish ourselves as awesome parents based on what special things we do for our kids. Aren't we simply awesome just for taking great care of them? I think so. There are things that I do for my kids that will make them better people in the long run that they don't necessarily think I'm awesome for, but I am. Like teaching them manners. And responsibility for their own actions. Things that many people these days are lacking. (Not just kids, either!)

So, please, comment with why you are a super parent (dads are welcome to post, too!). Let's make it a contest. To be eligible, leave a comment with your super parent reason. Simple as that. You can earn two extra entries by (1) clicking the link in my sidebar to "follow me" and (2) let your blog readers know about this contest with a link on your blog. Just e-mail me and let me know that you've done that! Comments will be open until Sunday, January 25th at 10am central. One winner will be chosen at random for a copy of CTW's Sesame Street Parents Christmas: Holiday Projects for Parents and Children and also a copy of Mercer Mayer's book Just Go To Bed. So, you'll be a super parent for making something special with your child, but also fostering a love of books. Ready, Set, GO!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I am excited to find yours :)

    For me, I am a super parent because I let my kids read as many books as they want. I let them help me in the kitchen (sometimes) and I like to knit and sew for them :)

    Thanks for helping me realize that I'm doing ok ;)

  2. Ok...so you know I am not a Mom (yet...but someday) so please don't enter me...I just wanted to tell you that I am sure you are a fabulous Mom! You were so kind, caring, and a great friend in high school, and I am sure you passed on all of your wonderful traits to your children!
    Sending lots of hugs~ Kim

  3. I am a great MOM because I will spend 10X more on a birthday cake with the real Disney princess on it instead of making it myself. All to prevent the possibility of hearing, "Those aren't the REAL princesses" on her highness' 4th birthday! I'm doing everything I can think of to prevent a fight!

    Is this spoiling, or is it just preventing a situation??? The forever question for us Mom's!

    Kris P.
    I know, you can't believe Kyrie is turning 4, neither can I!!!

  4. I'm not a parent but I can tell you why I think you're a super parent!

    You're kids are well behaved, have good manners, and already at thier respective ages are becoming functioning members of society! You have raised them to respect: respect, kindness, honesty, loyalty, and have given them the ability to give to those they think need it (even though they do not have as much as most kids their ages).

    You have raised, and are raising your boys to be men and I commend you for that! We definately need more young people like that, and by doing that you take on an enormous responsibility yourself. Thank you!

  5. Some days I question if I am a great mom or not but the answer is that yes, I am a great mom.

    I'm a great mom because sometimes I have to make decisions that make me unpopular with my children, but I still make those decisions.

    I'm a great mom because I work really, really hard to provide for my family. Sometimes I sacrifice. They don't know it and I don't expect them to, but I know it, and I know that makes me great.

    I'm a great mom because I love my children. I do the same things you do- I teach them respect, and manners, and love. Maybe they won't always think I am great but there will be times that they do think I am and those times will be enough for me.


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