Tuesday, January 06, 2009


We had a marvelous Christmas.
We have so many blessings.
I have an amazing hubby and kids.
Yet, I had a hard time getting into the spirit of the season. I have trouble getting into the new year. A friend of mine from our old church died Sunday night. She had cancer very badly and it was very quickly that she descended into her illness. My mom was extremely close to her as she is the person that talked her into taking classes to be an EMT and eventually joining the rescue squad. Rosalie was everything to sooooooooooo many people and she will be greatly missed...she already is. I think that knowing we were losing her hindered my enjoyment of the holiday. I'm so glad that she's in a better place now and pain free, but I can't help wishing she were still here. So, I've been taking things day by day and counting my blessings more often. It's not like chicks, I can count these. :)

I started working out last night with a group of ladies from town. It's an hour and a dollar on Monday nights. I can't beat that! The time with other women supporting each other and getting healthy minds and bodies is worth so much more than that! I hope that this will help me turn things around and look forward to what's happening instead of counting my blessings that something bad hasn't already happened, kwim? Forward instead of back. One day at a time. I'm going to try to have a big year end wrap up post ready to go by Friday. YELL AT ME if it's not up by then! Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I'm on it. I love yelling at people ! LOL LOL LOL! (and this month especially ~ it will help me get through to February)

  2. Oh Jess...I am so sorry to hear about Rosalie! I knew she wasn't doing good....but you are so right..she is definitely in a better place, and looking down on each and every one of us! Hang in there hun! It will get better! Sending you LOTS of hugs~

  3. Jess, we could use your help at church, when are you coming back!!!
    Miss You!

  4. Jess,

    I am sorry about your friend.

  5. OK Jess, where's the wrap up post???!!!

    Kris P


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