Thursday, November 13, 2008

Smiles and Tears

Rugby and Riley had an eye doctor appointment yesterday and it was a day filled with smiles and tears.

Rugby went first, so Riley got to play in the hallway with the babies. It was very difficult to contain the babies in that place. Shopko Optical is a shop in a strip mall with an indoor hallway connecting them all. We tried to stay in the hallway because TJ and Tuck thought it SUPER fun to pull the glasses from the shelves. UGH! (I did manage to find a couple frames that I really liked, too!!) Anyway, Rugby went for his check first. They did the glaucoma testing and all that, then while he was waiting, they did Riley. Rugby came out smiling from ear to ear. He has to get glasses. So, the eye doctor set us up with the boxes of frames that our insurance will pay for so he could take his time and pick them out. (There weren't many choices) I loved one pair that he tried on, and he agreed to put it on the "maybe" pile. Then, he tried on a few more pairs when WHAM! He knew instantly when he put them on that they were the ones. And they look so SHARP!!

While we were picking out glasses, Riley was getting his eyes checked. He came out looking so sad. I could tell he was holding back the tears. He doesn't need glasses, but he wanted them SO BADLY. Poor kid. I tried to explain that with two parents whose eyes are as bad as they are, that he'll probably need glasses someday, but to be happy that his eyes are working perfect so he doesn't need them yet. Logic like that doesn't work well on a 6 year mom bought ice cream and that made it better. lol!

Then, (after ice cream) we went to Tucker's urologist. When he was born, he was having issues feeding and breathing, so they didn't do his circumsision. We met with a doctor that would be able to do it now. So, we're waiting to hear back from the insurance company on what it's going to cost us before we schedule that. Would be nice if Tuck has to get ear tubes to schedule both of them for the same day, though. (We don't know about tubes yet).

So, that was our day of smiles and tears yesterday.

Today, Riley's home from school with a major tummy ache and the nurse at school said that there's a nasty flu bug going around. Saturday, Riley was playing at Brandon's house and Brandon was home from school Monday and Tuesday because he was sick, so it's totally possible he brought something home with him. Lovely. Clorox cocktail, anyone? (I'm only half kidding....)

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  1. Claire also was a bit sad that she didn't need glasses, but that Ava did -- so I totally understand! (and the part about the kids liking to pull off glasses from the shelf -- a dangerous place I think). Can't wait to see a picture of Rugby with the glasses!


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