Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Interview

I think it went well.

People, in general, never cease to amaze me. There was a wide variety of people there today. There was a kid, pretty sure he was no more than 18 in shorts and a t-shirt. There were 2 guys that were only missing the tie and their suit would have been complete. There was two older ladies (like 60 ish) wearing sweatshirts, jeans and tennis shoes. There were a couple girls there dressed rather casually. Then there was me. I had on black slacks and a blue blouse. I felt overdressed.

So, I'm kind of wondering....when interviewing for a restaurant like that do you wear business casual like I did, or is casual wear sufficient?

The first part was a group interview. They explained the company philosophy, job expectations (30 seconds from the time the order is placed to the time it's given to the customer), the rules (that was cigarettes allowed, even on your break because the smell overwhelms the food and the customer should only be smelling the awesomeness of the food we are preparing. HOME BAKED BREAD!!) From there, we had individual interviews. Half with the general manager and half with the owner. I had mine with the GM. She was great. I could see being friends with her.

They also said they play Classic Rock in the restaurant. LOVE THAT! So, by the end of the weekend I should know something.................

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