Tuesday, October 07, 2008

In tears

My Friend Christy ran in the Race for the Cure over the weekend. She ran in honor of my grandmother who recently finished treatment for breast cancer and lots of other people she's never even met. So, I sit here in tears watching the little video she put together (I'd link it, but her blog is private due to her hubby's job, etc) and seeing my Grandma's name with the others that Christy ran for. How special that she was able to do that.


By the way, she's a great runner! Here's the info from her blog on how she did:

****Race Updated****

I finally got the official results from yesterday's race! I am ECSTATIC!

Out of 3491 female participants yesterday, I place 124th!!!

In my age group, I placed 14th out of 454 women!

Woooo hooooooo!


  1. She's awesome isn't she? She also ran in memory of my Aunt Lil.
    You're right Jess...we all need a little Christy in our lives :)

  2. Oh stop it you guys! Seriously!

    It was MY honor Jess. I honestly think having those names on me and with me throughout the race is what pushed me across the finish line; with a personal best time to boot! xo so thank YOU xo


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