Thursday, June 05, 2008

Need rhubarb? Meet your neighbors!

And that's PRECISELY what we did!

Last week, there was a graduation party down the road so Tim took the kids for a walk the next day to pick up the cans the kids left littered all over the street. While they were there, Tim noticed a LARGE rhubarb patch that was left pretty much untouched. The man who lived there happened to come outside about then and Tim struck up a conversation with him.

DH: "That looks like waaayyy too much rhubarb for one family."

Neighbor: "We were JUST talking about that. My wife was gonna bag some up and try to give it away."

DH: "No need for that. We'll be back later today."

So, that's pretty much how it went. We went back the next day (instead) and got our wagon loaded full. It was enough for some sauce, some ice cream topping and 3 bags for the freezer.

Then, last night we went back for more. We loaded up our wagon again. And Tim thought it wasn't enough. He said to me, "I think we need to find another patch." On each of my walks the last couple days I had noticed a gigantic rhubarb patch. I had even told him about that but got no response. It didn't look touched at I said, "Why don't you come along on my walk tonight and you can talk to the people that live there. I'm not going to do it." So, we rode our bikes over there. We LOADED THE BIKE TRAILER FULL. Seriously. There was lots that we left there, too just because we didn't have room for it. I had TJ and Tucker in the front and there's storage space in the back. Rugby and Riley had packed it so nice it was up over the top of the storage area and nearly to the top of the trailer. I strapped the cover over it and Rugby rode behind me on "rhubarb patrol" to make sure none fell out on the way home. We got there, opened the cover and rhubarb came SPILLING out all over. There was SO much rhubarb!

Plus, the night before, the boy I babysit for brought us a Menards bag full of rhubarb.

So, Tim offered to help cut it all up. We were at it for the better part of an hour. Maybe longer. Rugby and Riley helped cut up some and Rugby and I took turns bagging it. By the time we were done, we had 19 bags (4 cups each) and a large tupperware bowl FULL!

I see rhubarb in my future. He'd like me to make some jam and sauce and more ice cream topping.

And then he says, "I think we need some more..."

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