Monday, May 05, 2008

The Great Outdoors

The weekend was predicted to be crap, but we were pleasantly surprised! It was almost 60 on Saturday and almost 70 on Sunday. It was a beautiful weekend.

Saturday morning, we went to a couple rummages. I got the boys a beanbag chair with a footstool for $1, we need to add some packing peanuts or something to the chair, but it's in great condition. TJ loves it! R&R do, too, but I think JoJo has laid the official claim to it.

Saturday afternoon, TJ was digging in the dirt where I had planted some veggies. Needless to say Momma wasn't happy. So, I knew that there was a bag of blue sand I got for Tim's class in the back of the car (he ended up using something else, so it wasn't opened.) So I made a make-shift sandbox for TJ: A Redneck Sand Sled!

While I was doing that, R&R were demonstrating that they don't need a rope to have fun and give their mother a heart attack:

Then, they found out about the sand sled. I think they enjoyed it more than TJ!

Maybe not....

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