Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Projects, projects and MORE projects!!

It's been BUSY around here! Since TJ got his tubes, he's been SUCH a bundle of energy. I knew he wasn't acting like a normal, healthy kid but he's SO busy now that I have a really hard time keeping up to him and Tucker. I'm glad Riley's still here a few days a week, but it's also nice that he's in school a couple days.

Tim's been on winter break from classes, so he's been taking the time to do a few projects. I think I already showed you that he set up the bunk beds in the space room. Here's a few of the others:

He hung the shelf we got from Grandma and Grandpa for our wedding. I love it! I also hung the "Household Rugby" stove door over the doorway. It was laying in a closet since it got taken down to hang a Christmas decoration. I like it here much better!

Then, Tim took the shelves out of the hall closet, removed the old (no longer needed) water heater exhaust pipe, laid some hardwood flooring, used old bi-fold door to fashion new shelves to transform a half useful closet to a fully functioning storage station! It's fabulous! Riley and I painted over the nasty yellow with "brown sugar" that we painted Tim's bathroom with and VOILA! Here's the closet in progress. I have to take an "after" pic yet.
The front entry closet was also a thorn in our side. It wasn't deep enough to use hangers on the closet bar, so it was just a catch all junk closet. Tim took out the bar, put in some hooks and shelves and it's a much more useful and handy closet!!
Then, in Tucker's room, there was a normal 3' door on the closet, nothing majorly wrong with it, but his room is TINY so there really isn't space for a dresser and all the other stuff we have to have in there. So he's turning the closet into a built-in dresser/closet. I can't wait until it's finished, but it's pretty useful to me even in it's current state. We picked up lumber to work on it, but that was only a couple days ago so he hasn't had time to get back to it. Soon....
Also, I had asked for a shelf on my craft desk since it was terrible hard to organize anything. We had the pegboard here, waiting, since....well, it's been a while. Anyway, he built the shelf, built a frame for the pegboard and hung that, then the kids and I painted the shelf and desk the same color as the walls. When we were at Menards getting lumber for the closet, they had a chair on clearance the height I needed, so we got me a chair, too! Tim had some pull-out drawer things that he hung for me, he put up the light from the garage that he didn't need out there and now I have space to do my beading or other projects and it's not all over the dining room table! YAY!
Timmy also used a bi-fold door to make a shelf over the boys craft area downstairs, but I didn't take a pic of that yet. I hope to paint the desks, then I'll take pix to post.

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