Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's an addiction.....

Have you discovered the Google Reader yet? I love reading blogs, I've told you that before. I found the Google Reader about a month ago. I'm HOOKED! I can log in to it, and then it shows me the blogs that have updates and I'm able to read them all in one spot. No more bookmarks for me, I just load the blog address into the reader and BAM! it tells me when there are updates. I love this thing! Only problem is that there aren't always updates and I'm looking at a sad and empty Google reader. So, they thought of that, too. You can search for blogs and they have packages of blogs (like a photography bundle, a sports bundle, etc) that you can subscribe to. Check it out! (AND UPDATE YOUR BLOG OFTEN!)

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  1. That is very cool (and much easier for checking on updates)! Thanks!


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