Friday, November 09, 2007

Tucker the show off

Here's a couple new ones of Tucker. Isn't this the cutest outfit? It's his first time wearing 3-6 month stuff. This outfit is courtesy of Granny's friend Jillane. She's the best! I'm so glad my mom has her.

And look....his little toosh.

Here's the little muscle man showing off (think it's modesty that he doesn't wanna look at me?)


  1. This should make Lisa happy that you aren't forgetting the 'little one" - haha

  2. Your boys make me smile and they are going to be maultitaskers before they get to middle school... the two of you have tought them well and don't ever think they are not listening, they are... if you need anything done just ask they will help.. and there wont be anthing they can not do....what a wonderful life and the patients you bestow upon them one day will be their best a friend, boy friend,co worker, husband and father...:)and son!!!!


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