Saturday, October 13, 2007

Our week in pictures...

TJ helping cut out the new flooring for the blue bathroom

TJ Helping Tim remove flooring in the blue bathroom

Uh-oh! Bigger project than originally anticipated.

JoJo and his baby

Tuck Tuck having some thummy lunch

This is what happens when Margie is an insomniac

Bought my outfit for my brothers wedding (next weekend!!). You can't see it too well, but it's pants that kind of look like a skirt and the fun glittery top.

And some AWESOME shoes!!

TJ's tummy tattoo

Daddy strikes again....arm tat

And the stinky diaper tattoo
The unveiling of the blue bathroom will be coming soon! We're still waiting on countertop and I'm gonna try to talk Timmy into paint, too. Today, he put down some water putty to level out where he had to replace part of the sub floor and when that dries we'll be able to put the new flooring in. YAY!


  1. Your outfit is beautiful! You will look lovely that weekend as will the rest of your family!
    I didn't know that Timmy was a tattoo artist....he better not quit his day job though!
    TJ is right on dad's heels, isn't he? Enjoy it! He will grow up before you know it....Love ya!

  2. Girl, you look F-I-N-E!!!!! Have fun at the wedding.

    I love seeing how helpful your boys are around the house. Our's are like that too, sometimes more of an obstacle than a helping hand, but still fun to watch them with daddy!

    Can your dh do tattoos for me too? LOL


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