Monday, May 07, 2007

BUSY BUSY AGAIN!! (or is it still??)

I don't really know anymore! We had a garage sale Friday and Saturday, Saturday Tim and the boys went with Adam to look for work for the summer, and Sunday we had bible study here, Adam and Kelly, Adam's parents and grandmother all over to visit after that, then we went to visit Martin and Nancy from church and see the baby geese they had. Tons of fun, but VERY busy!! So, here's a few pix of the goings on lately.....Oh, and only 4 more days til I leave for Denver!!
Riley and Trett having fun...

Riley must've had too much fun...

Learning to shoot the new bow Daddy got for the boys...

Rugby learning, too....I'm glad they each have one!

TJ crashed....this is TOTALLY posed, but still cute. I was trying to wake him up and he wasn't too thrilled with that idea.

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