Monday, March 26, 2007

Their First Tournament!!

The boys competed in their first wrestling tournament this weekend. It was SO MUCH FUN to watch!! Rugby won his first and fourth matches by points and was pinned in his second and third matches. When he found out that he had a third place trophy, he said "I'm so proud of myself!" LOL! Too funny!! My throat was sore from yelling during the matches (for both boys!) They are learning to put their moves together and scoring points, etc. Tons of fun!! Riley pinned his first guy and got pinned the second match, but he was in good spirits and got a second place trophy. Here's some pictures from the day:


  1. Is that a passerby he is taking down in the 3rd picture?

  2. Very proud trophy holders!!! So cute!!!

  3. What fun! Congratulations, boys!!

    Russ' grandsons wrestle, too, so we've become fans - especially Auntie Rach. If you need help yelling, let her know - she's very good at it!


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