Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bah Humbug..and an update

Been a bit since I last posted. Mr. Eskimo has started eating rice cereal and is loving that. Loves it even better when Grandma B is here and gives him cookies and OJ, though! His doc isn't thrilled with me feeding him food yet, but he needs something to help fill that chubby (cute!) little belly of his! I'm starting to wonder if I'll make it to a year breastfeeding. We shall see, I suppose. I'm just hoping to have a few nights soon where I don't have to get up 3 times to feed said food monger. :) But, a mom's work is never I do it and will continue until I physically can't.

On the Christmas front, I fear I've become Scrooge. The thought of Christmas isn't appealing to me this year at all. Completely not like me at all. I've gotten the tree up, hung some decoration, made a couple presents, made some cookies, and filled some stockings but nothing major. Still have large amount of our list to buy gifts for and honestly wonder if we'll be doing it on Christmas Eve and wrapping them in Wal-Mart bags. I think I got Timmy out of that habit, so I guess we won't do that, but still....and I think I read in the paper that Santa was coming to Boyceville early this year...perhaps on the 22nd....depending on our plans, so we've got to finalize them, too. Too much to do and too much desire to stay in bed......

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  1. I started Aidan on baby food when he was about 4 months, his dr didn't have a problem with it, said by that age they're HUNGRY and need something more than breastmilk/formula. To help him sleep at night too, I'd give him cereal in his final bottle too.


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