Saturday, November 04, 2006

Post surgery update and a SURPRISE!

First the update....TJ is still doing really well! Tylenol is working just fine, so that's great news. The stent looks like it wants to come out, but the doctor on call told me that that is normal and what things I should watch for and if they happen, then to come in and they'd take it out. So, so far nothing awful. I took the bandage off him late this morning. It looks nasty. I feel like I should take some pix, not to post, but just to have a record of it. But then again, what are we gonna do with them. Camera is staying put. He had a bath after the bandage came off and he was loving that, as usual! Now he's napping again. Man, that kid take little naps. Hopefully once he's able to lay on his tummy again it'll get better....right now he's sleeping in his carseat in his bed with a fleece blanket under him and one over him. He loves the blankies!

Now for your surprise! NO! I'm not pregnant! LOL!! TJ got his first tooth today! It's been sitting under the surface where we could see it for a week or two, at least. The one next to it looks like it should be popping through soon, too. YAY TJ!

Well, I think that's about all the news I have for now. TTFN!

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  1. Glad to hear that TJ is doing ok! and that you are not pregnant!! Athough a little sister would be nice....:-)


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