Saturday, September 09, 2006

A friend for Riley?

Yesterday while we were walking to school to pick up Rugby, one of the neighbors down the street stopped us. Her name is Kelly and she's got a little boy that will be 4 in October! We talked a little and are going to see them on Tuesday at storytime at the library. She seems really nice, so hopefully this will work out for Riley and Mom to have a new friend! YAY!

Steph and Ethan were going to bring the girls and come for a visit today, but that didn't happen cuz Ethan wasn't feeling well. I'm sure we'll see them sometime soon. :) My cousin Tanya and her boyfriend, Kyle are supposed to be coming over sometime today, so we'll see if that happens, either. (Being that they are both in college and are probably "sick" this morning. LOL!)

Well, have a great day and enjoy the fall temperatures....

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