Sunday, September 03, 2006


Funny story....We went to Hudson tonight to pick up flooring and insulation for the new house, but we left at a goofy time, so we ended up needing to eat while we were in town. So, we ate at a Burger King that had a play land. Boys thought that was super cool. They ate and were running around with some older kids, Riley tripped over his own 2 feet and hit his forehead on the corner of the entrance to one of the climbing things. Big thud, knocked him backward, then tons of tears. He wouldn't pull his hand off of it. When I did finally manage to get his hand back it was quite black and blue so I went to ask for something to put ice in and they gave me a GARBAGE BAG with ice in.....there was so much ice in there it was the size of the kids head! So, now he's got a pretty good bump on his head and it's a little black and blue but nothing major. Camera batteries are dead again, too. Sorry! Thank heavens those toys at BK are plastic!!

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