Sunday, July 30, 2006


LOL! Ok, so this isn't something I'd normally post about, but I'm so excited that I just can't help it! I FIT MY PRE-BABY CLOTHES!! The boys and I went out to the new house this weekend because I wanted some summer shirts instead of having to wear my maternity stuff still and I wanted the stroller, too. So, wishful thinking got the better of me and I tried on some of my pre-baby shorts and capri's and they fit! I was sooooooo excited cuz I didn't really want to have to buy new stuff for just a couple months that's left of summer. So, now we can talk walks with all the boys and I can be cute, too!


  1. You were always cute!!

  2. you don't even know how jealous I am! :)

  3. That is great to be in your pre-baby clothes already!Awesome Jess!


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